Six regretful breakfast ideas


When we wish to stir your partner for a special occasion, maybe for Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, we substantially wish to pull a vessel out a small during breakfast. Here are a suggestions for some tasty regretful breakfasts…



Shakshuka is a Tunisian plate of eggs poached in a abounding tomato sauce, with a small bit of a chilli kick. It has all a compensation of a boiled breakfast though is intensely healthier – though still intensely delicious. It’s also intensely easy to do – only prepare adult a tomato salsa in a heavy-bottomed frying pan, moment your eggs in and leave it to cook. Quick and really delicious, offer with a cube of good bread or toast.

Ideal for… a partner with a ambience for a exotic

Port-soaked baked fruit

Port-soaked baked fruit

When you’re looking for something quite lush to start a day afterwards we can’t go wrong with this boozy multiple of figs, plums, pomegranate seeds and cranberries dripping in pier and baked until somewhat caramelised. Cook it a night before and reheat a following morning if we wish to equivocate an early start. Serve with tawny porridge or, for a lighter version, Greek yoghurt.

Ideal for… a decadent lover

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Mushroom and chorizo hash

Mushroom, chorizo and potato hash

Fans of a normal full English fry-up competence also conclude this somewhat some-more outlandish cousin. Swap a bacon for chorizo and crush browns for sautéed potatoes and offer with boiled eggs and mushrooms, and some chopped uninformed chilli.

Ideal for… a partner with an appetite


Greek yogurt pancakes with sugarine and raisin sauce

Pancakes with sugarine and raisin sauce

These pancakes are identical to Scotch pancakes, though a small lighter. They’re served with a beautiful salsa done by hot sugarine with lemon extract and raisins, and surfaced with a dollop of thick and tawny Greek yoghurt.

Ideal for… a partner with a honeyed tooth


Two slices of French toast

French toast

You can’t go wrong with classical French toast, either it’s served with a elementary trace of topping sugarine or, for a some-more special breakfast, a inexhaustible trace of uninformed berries and syrup, it’s a ideal weekend breakfast or brunch.

Ideal for… a partner with a ambience for a traditional


Madeleine Shaw's granola and hiss stack

Raspberry and chocolate granola stack

The beauty of homemade granola is a immeasurable options we have to make it your own. In this recipe, Madeleine Shaw adds cacao powder to give it a chocolaty taste. You can prepare a granola several days previously so we don’t have to spend prolonged in a kitchen on a large day itself.

Ideal for… a health-conscious lover