Sensible, family-loving teenagers behind pregnancy rate drop

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Teenagers are apropos reduction approaching to have sex, preferring to spend time with their families and carrying regretful relations online, a investigate suggests.

A consult of 1,000 16- to 18-year-olds also found they were celebration many less.

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service pronounced this might explain a pointy tumble in teen pregnancies in a UK given 2007.

Two-thirds of a teenagers surveyed pronounced they had never had sex. And 24% pronounced they had never dipsomaniac alcohol.

Daily diaries

The BPAS news pronounced this stream era of teenagers seemed to be some-more sensible, some-more focused on their preparation and destiny careers and wanted to equivocate pregnancy.

More than 80% of those surveyed pronounced behaving good in exams or next in their selected career was their tip priority, compared with 68% who pronounced spending time with friends was of many importance.

Young people were also some-more approaching to perspective time with their family as of high significance than time with their friends.

And many pronounced work and investigate commitments meant organising time to see friends was difficult.

But daily diaries filled in by teenagers as partial of a consult also exhibit they are spending an normal of roughly 5 hours online each day for non-work or investigate reasons.

Less than a entertain of those surveyed spoke to their friends face to face as frequently as they spoke to them online – and 70% spoke to them online 4 times a week or more.

The researchers advise immature people who frequently socialize face to face with their friends or partners are some-more approaching to be intimately active.

Sex education

Teenage pregnancy rates have been dropping for 20 years opposite all nations of a UK after a supervision devise was introduced to tackle some of a top in Western Europe.

The strategy, that led to improved entrance to preventive services and some-more sex preparation in schools and clinics, lasted 10 years – though rates have continued to fall, by 50% given 2007.

In 1969, a source rate was 47 per 1,000 women aged 15-17 – in 2016, it was only 18.9.

The BPAS consult found attitudes had also altered – 4 out of 5 immature people felt there was now a tarnish trustworthy to apropos a teenage primogenitor and immature women no longer approaching to be upheld by a state or their family if they became pregnant.

Most pronounced they always or customarily used contraception when carrying sex, nonetheless 14% pronounced they “rarely” or “never” did.

‘Different choices’

BPAS conduct of process investigate Katherine O’Brien pronounced a government’s devise for imperative relations and sex preparation in schools from Sep 2019 could move down teenage source rates even serve if it was extensive enough.

She said: “Our investigate reveals that this is a era who are focused on their education, wakeful of mercantile hurdles though dynamic to attain regardless and many of whom suffer time with their families as many as with partners and friends.

“They seem to place poignant value on shortcoming and maturity, quite when it comes to ethanol expenditure and sex.

“We trust that immature people themselves are creation opposite choices about a approach they live their lives.”

Contraceptive services

However, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists boss Prof Lesley Regan pronounced clever informal variations in teenage pregnancy still existed.

It was unsatisfactory that “a poignant suit of immature people are not receiving a high-quality of sex and relations education”.

And cuts to internal open health budgets were creation it formidable for some immature people to entrance preventive services.

She called on a supervision to safeguard a needs of immature people were met “as a matter of urgency”.


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