Second studious might have dipsomaniac toilet cleaner


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Joan Blaber, 85, died during a Royal Sussex County Hospital in Sep final year

An inquisition into a genocide of a lady who died after celebration cleaning liquid has listened another studious during a same sanatorium might have dipsomaniac toilet cleaner.

Joan Blaber, 85, from Lewes, died while being treated during a Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton.

She died on 23 Sep 2017, 6 days after celebration Flash cleaner from a H2O jug on her bedside table.

Hove Coroner’s Court listened it was “highly unlikely” what happened was a outcome of a mistake.

Before Mrs Blaber’s genocide staff had been told another studious had dipsomaniac toilet cleaner, a jury heard.

Housekeeper Daniel Gonzales said: “Apparently a patient, who had insanity or something like that, took it and drank it.

“It’s only a story, I’m not certain if it was true.”

Mr Gonzales was asked how he suspicion Flash was found in a patient’s H2O jug.

He replied: “It doesn’t make any clarity to me. No-one would flow a product into a jug we routinely use for patients.”

‘No central training’

Ashley Le May, who was partial of a group whose pursuit it was to purify community areas, pronounced he had to lift a enclosure of Flash by a wards on 17 Sep 2017 to get to other tools of a building as it was too large to fit on a trolley.

He said: “At no indicate did we stop and during no indicate did a bottle of Flash leave a card box.”

His co-worker Kayleigh Regan pronounced in a matter examination to a court, there was “no genuine structure” to cleaning and claimed she had perceived “no central training” from a hospital.

Senior coroner Veronica Hamilton-Deeley suggested it was “highly unlikely” what happened was a outcome of an error.

At a pre-inquest examination in June, she pronounced a “deliberate act” could not be ruled out.

The inquisition continues.


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