Quick maple cauliflower soup with chicory and hazelnuts



A inexhaustible raise of sour leaves is a acquire foil to a caramelised cauliflower in this recipe and has a combined advantage of creation your soup demeanour rather dramatic. If anything is going to modify a cauliflower hater, it’s this
velvety concoction.

Preheat a oven to 220°C/200°C fan and line a vast tray with baking paper. Break adult a cauliflower until we have really tiny florets. Cut adult any vast stalks – we wish to make certain that all cooks evenly. Mix the
maple syrup and ½ tbsp olive oil in a bottom of a vast bowl, afterwards supplement a cauliflower and toss until covered.

Season good with salt and black peppers and tip into a prepared baking tray (or dual trays if necessary, as we wish a cauliflower to be good widespread out). Roast in a oven for 20-25 minutes, or until a edges are blackened
and a stalks have softened.

While a cauliflower is in a oven, feverishness a rest of a oil in a saucepan and persperate a onion over a really low feverishness until soothing and translucent. Add a garlic and prepare for a offer 2 mins before adding a stock. Tip in
most of a baked cauliflower, renting 2 heaped tbsps for garnishing.

Pour all into a blender and shell until really smooth, afterwards deteriorate with salt and peppers and lapse it to a pan. Cook a small longer if you’d like it thicker, or let it down with H2O if you’d cite it thinner.

To serve, finely fragment a red chicory and clout a parsley, afterwards brew them together with a red booze vinegar and olive oil. Season good and raise onto a soup along with a additional maple-roasted florets and the
smashed hazelnuts.



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