Acne Vulgaris – Causes, Symptoms And Treatment


Acne VulgarisAcne vulgaris, simply famous as acne, is a skin condition that occurs when passed skin cells and oil prolongation burden adult a skin pores. It is mistaken as blemishes, blackheads, zits and pimples. Mild acne causes few pimples or red spots. However, in critical cases of acne vulgaris, a face as good as back, neck and even chest gets lonesome by hundreds of such pimples. Sometimes a pimples are accompanied by red lumps of unpleasant cysts.

Acne Vulgaris Causes

The arch reason of acne vulgaris is clogging of skin pores with passed skin cells and oil. When germs enter these pores, they outcome in pus formation, redness and swelling. However, acne vulgaris is compared with hormonal changes that comment for greasy skin. Hence, acne vulgaris is common among teenagers that have only achieved puberty.

Nevertheless, acne vulgaris follows people to their adulthood. Acne vulgaris is also caused by dietary habits. It has been seen that people who eat greasy and boiled dishes mostly humour from acne vulgaris. Oil-based cosmetics too wear a symptoms of acne vulgaris. Moreover, genetic factors are also equally obliged for acne vulgaris.

Acne Vulgaris Symptoms

Some of a common symptoms of acne vulgaris are pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. Large pimples are called cystic lesions. The symptoms might seem on a face, neck, back, chest and shoulders. Acne vulgaris symptoms are unpleasant and leave a injure on a face.

Treatment For Acne Vulgaris 

Keeping a skin purify is a certain shot approach to forestall acne vulgaris. You should always go for non-comedogenic products that do not burden pores. While soaking a face during slightest twice per day is mandatory, we should equivocate scrubbing a pimples harshly.

A elementary acne cream containing salicylic poison and benzoyl peroxide helps a good understanding in treating fewer pimples. One can get absolved of acne vulgaris scars by dermabrasion – a laser skin treatment – that improves a skin hardness as well.

Topical Medications

Less critical cases of acne vulgaris can be treated with over-the-counter accepted medicines and lotions. These acne lotions kill bacteria, dry adult a oil and forestall deposition of passed skin cells. The arch voters of these lotions are sulfur, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, resorcinol, etc. There might be some initial side effects to these OTC lotions such as flaking, dryness and skin irritation. However, these problems go divided within a initial month.

Topical Medications

In some-more critical cases, one can find a assistance of a veteran and rest on prescribed accepted treatment. Vitamin A products such as tretinoin, adapalene and tazorotene are valid to be useful in this regard. Topical antibiotics can be also used to kill a bacteria. One can also mix a OTC and prescribed accepted treatments for best results.

The multiple drugs embody combination of benzoyl peroxide with eyhtromycin (Benzamycin) and clindamycin (Benxaclin). Inflammation caused by acne vulgaris is treated by dapsone gel. Topical medicines that are prescribed mostly outcome in redness, peeling, blazing and stinging. So, these drugs should be taken in smaller quantities initial and afterwards a sip should be increasing gradually.

Oral Antibiotics

Oral antibiotics revoke inflammation caused by acne vulgaris. They also quarrel virus that can wear a symptoms of acne vulgaris. One should cancel regulating these verbal antibiotics as shortly as a symptoms start improving and if a antibiotics do not uncover poignant formula within 4 months.

Oral antibiotics should be taken along with benzoyl peroxide so as to revoke risk of building antibiotic resistance. Also, antibiotics have their possess side effects such as skin discoloration, upset stomach and dizziness.

Oral Contraceptives

Contraceptives assuage symptoms of acne vulgaris. Combination of ethinyl estradiol and norgestimate is valid to be beneficial.

oral contraceptives

There are side effects to verbal contraceptives as good such as breast tenderness, headache, nausea, depression, etc. Oral contraceptives, when used over prolonged period, poise hazard of heart illness and cancer.


In disjoin instances of acne vulgaris, when a chairman develops low cysts, isotretinoin comes as rescue. Although it treats acne vulgaris effectively, it has critical side effects such as dry mouth, eyes, nose and lips that have to be monitored by dermatologist closely.

Pregnant women contingency not review to it. It also causes nosebleeds, itching, crude night vision, attraction to a sun, and flesh aches. It increases cholesterol levels and liver enzyme levels. It has also been compared with increasing basin and bent to suicide.

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Laser Therapy

Laser therapy and light-based therapies dig to deeper layers of a skin and causes no mistreat to a dermatogen. These treatments repairs sebaceous glands that furnish extreme oil and destroy a virus that trigger inflammation.

Laser Therapy

Light therapies are famous to urge altogether mettle of a person. These therapies are endorsed for those who can’t endure prescribed medications.

Cosmetic Procedures

Procedures such as microdermabrasion and chemical peels revoke a excellent lines and facial scars. They also make a skin reduction disposed to deleterious effects of a sun. These procedures do have proxy side effects such as redness, peppery and skin discoloration.

Natural Remedies for Acne Vulgaris 

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a good famous natural pill for acne vulgaris. You can possibly request tea tree oil directly on a skin or request lotions containing tea tree oil and 5% benzoyl peroxide.


Zinc reduces inflammation caused by acne vulgaris. You can use zinc supplements or eat dishes such as oysters and wheat virus that are abounding in zinc.

Brewer’s Yeast

Its aria called CBS 5926 reduces acne vulgaris. Some of a side effects of Brewer’s leavening are migraines and stomach upset.

Alpha Hydroxyl Acids

 Alpha Hydroxyl Acids

Natural acids such as alpha hydroxyl acids are found in citrus fruits, sugarcane, grapes and apples. These acids mislay passed cells and get a pores unclogged when used topically. They also urge facial complexion.

Azelaic Acid

Foods such as whole pellet cereal enclose this naturally occurring poison that has extraordinary antibacterial properties and hence assistance provide acne vulgaris.

Dos and Don’ts for acne vulgaris

Mild symptoms of acne vulgaris can be treated during home as well. One should rinse influenced areas with amiable cleanser. One should equivocate scrubs and astringents as they means exasperation to a skin. Since your hair touches your face and area around it frequently, we should rinse it properly. You should equivocate wearing parsimonious clothes. Try wearing large hats to equivocate object exposure.