12 tasty cake recipes



Beef, drink and reddish-brown pie

Warming and filling, this corpulent beef cake gets a abounding essence from a slow-cooked gravy done with vigourous and beef stock.

Recipe: beef, drink and reddish-brown pie

Traditional pig pie

Traditional pig pie

A tasty classical cake with nothing of a preservatives or colourings found in blurb pig pies.

Recipe: normal pig pie

Minted lamb and potato pie

Minted lamb and potato pie

This tasty cake stuffing from award-winning cake makers Nice Pie combines classical packet and lamb, creation it an ideal open pie.

Recipe: minted lamb and potato pie


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Chicken, leek and fungus image pie

Chicken, leek and fungus pie

A family favourite that’s certain to go down well, and what’s some-more it’s a ideal approach to use adult leftover fry chicken.

Recipe: chicken, leek and fungus pie

Leek, stewed venison and furious fungus pie

Leek, venison and fungus pie

Fancy something a bit different? Try this full-bodied venison cake with leeks and furious mushrooms.

Recipe: leek, venison and fungus pie

Chicken, fungus and tarragon pie

Chicken, fungus and tarragon pot pie

These tiny pot pies baked in particular cake dishes make poetic cooking celebration mains.

Recipe: chicken, fungus and tarragon pie

Indian beef cake with spiced mash

Indian character lodge cake with spiced mash

A classical British recipe is given an Indian makeover by award-winning cookery author Diana Henry.

Recipe: Indian character lodge cake with spiced mash

Mary Berry's potato, leek and cheese pie

Potato, cheese and leek pie

A tasty normal potato, cheese and leek cake recipe from baking black Mary Berry.

Recipe: potato, cheese and leek pie

Chicken, leek, Pernod and pea pie

Creamy chicken, leek, pea and Pernod pie

This tawny duck hideaway cake is given a dash of Pernod.

Recipe: creamy chicken, leek, pea and Pernod pie

Diana Henry's Cod, leek and cider cake with cheddar cheese crumble

Cod, leek and cider cake with cheese crumble

This fish cake has a poetic crunchy pulp commanding of nuts, spices and cheese.

Recipe: cod, leek and cider cake with cheese crumble

Woolton piee

Woolton pie

A herby fungus and unfeeling cake that was creatively dictated as a meat-free cake that housewives could make during rationing.

Recipe: Woolton pie

Vegetarian lodge pie

Sweet potato lodge pie

This healthy chronicle of lodge cake uses a honeyed potato commanding and easily spiced lentil filling.

Recipe: honeyed potato lodge pie

A healthier alternative?

If you’re examination your weight we could try swapping a fritter for a lighter, healthier choice such as a delectable scone or herby crumble, or skip a commanding altogether and go for a crustless pie.

Recipe: delectable toppings

Recipe: potato, spinach and feta crustless pie


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